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New Format - Muncho Garcia

Yo. And yea yea, don't even get at me on the fact that I haven't posted in a while. I'm not the journal type. I'll type up in this beech if the spirit moves me. And it hasn't until now. But I just want to send out props to my girl (no, not my -girl-) silent_wispers for doing up my LJ theme. Pretty damn sweet for someone who's not paying, huh?

Anyway, yea...That's my shout out. I'm black, I'm allowed one or two in my lifetime.

On a completely un-related note. I like oreos. Regular. Some people like them double stuffed. Some people like them inside out. Hell...some people like them deep-fried (ew). But I just like good ole fashion, untainted...not at all tampered with oreos. There.


On another note, also unrelated to the first part of this entry, but unique in that it's also un-related to the second part...I hate everyone. o_O


...What? There's nothing else. Needy bastards.

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