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Scarlett Johansson...

Short and sweet. Scarlett Johansson is fucking ridiculous. Talk about the perfect woman. At least build wise, I don't know her personality, don't really much care. She's just fucking ridiculous.




All images courtesy of [ http://www.sexydesktop.co.uk ]. It's a great site for wallpapers of female celebrities also some older walls of male celebs (not many of them, though).

Anyway. One day until 21 for me, I had planned on getting a suite and throwing some randomly large party. Large for me would be about six friends and whoever they decided to bring, but Jack (my best friend since Kindergarten) decided that we may celebrate our 21sts together a little later down the line. Still going to try for that suite, though.

And I was sick during New Years Eve. I've been wanting to go to some serious parties -all- year long...and when the biggest one of them all rolls around I can barely stand on my own two feet. And it wasn't because of alcohol, which is the truly unfortunate part.


Oh thank god, the 'Skins are finally back in the playoffs. I don't care if we win or lose the game (of course I'd rather we just outright won the superbowl) but the point of this season to me is that the 'Skins are headed in the right direction. All it took was coaches finally listening to the players, so I can't really credit Gibbs with it completely, although I won't say he had no part in it. I think guys like Mike Sellers, Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, Chris Cooley, Mark Brunell and the entire offensive line...a group who just told the coaches to trust them to do what they do best, rushing and catching passes out of the backfield, are much more responsible.

Annoying how Cowboys and Giants fans are still talking shit to and about 'Skins fans, though. It's ridiculous. They think 'rivalry' means that they can't ever give props to a team that's playing well. Idiots. And apparently Ewwgles fans threw alcohol at Clinton Portis's mother. Classy. But, then, they are Philly fans.
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