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So bored...

Yup, it's Saturday. My designated lazy day. 24hrs of absolutely nothing before everything picks up again on Sunday. Thank goodness I get to be a bit more lazy this sunday, heading off to see Cat and her folk...

Then it's back to the monotony of a black and purple room, work, chores and recluse tendencies. On a positive note, I'm taking the weekend free time to download Adobe Premiere, so that I can finally get on with my hobby of making AMVs. It'll very likely get me back into photoshopping and paintshop proing. I'll start off with Hellsing, I suppose...and then burn Cat's Angel Sanctuary DvD to my PC (I've got plans for that movie and a certain song called 'I Think We're Alone Now').

On another note completely, holiday television sucks the collective scrotums of ten thousand blue whales. I'm sick of watching marathons of one movie masquerading under 12 titles. Halloween television is depressing, and the only really uplifting thing about it is the fact that the Sci-Fi channel takes a break from showing it's 'original Sci-Fi cinema' snorathons. I mean, c'mon, how many times can you see a movie about a giant crocodile, snake, or some mutant insect infestation and still call it 'original'? And I know that it can be said about everything we watch nowadays...but sci-fi doesn't even -try- to make it seem like they put some thought into it. I often get this feeling that there's some roman-nosed executive in a $10,000 suit who has his hand on the crank of something that can only be described as the insta-scifi original slot machine. You know what I mean?


If you don't know what I mean, you should scroll down to the Tom Clancy Plot generator. The slot machine would be a lot more like that, sans the ability to actually choose.

Anyway. There's my rant. I did remember promising you a few.


And no one ever told me that love would hurt so much
Oooh yes it hurts
And pain is so close to pleasure
And all I can do is surrender to your love
Just surrender to your love
Just one year of love
Is better than a lifetime alone
One sentimental moment in your arms
Is like a shooting star right through my heart
It’s always a rainy day without you
I’m a prisoner of love inside you
I’m falling apart all around you
-And all I can do is surrender -
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