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Oh God, a rant!

You know what really gets my dander up? This entire string of feminist bullshit which has been going on forever. And I’ll admit, it’s not a new concern of mine, but it just gets me…that for all the ranting and bitching that a lot of women (90%) do, they’ll intentionally turn a blind eye to the fact that -most-, not all, of the issues they’re bitching about have been dealt with.

The thing that gets me this time is the odd complex among most women which brings them to believe that most men still look down on them and that there is no such thing as a fair America for women. Come the fuck on, you may not get paid as much, but that’s for bitching about not getting paid as much and not actually -working- toward getting what you think you deserve. And since when could a man figure that he has a sexual assault case against his woman and walk into court so fucking cocksure that he’d win it? I’ve yet to encounter this. I mean hell, you want to talk violation? How about cutting your husband’s/boyfriend/lover’s penis off and getting a veritable slap on the wrist? I’d like to see a man walk up to some woman who’s assaulting him and cut off her fucking clitoris.

Then there’s this entire thing about men not caring about women in the media. Give me a fucking break. When was the last time you turned your television on and saw a commercial where a man is freely criticizing stereotypes about women while throwing his girlfriend/wife out of the car/house/etc? It’s almost deadly territory to do anything of the such anymore. Hell, remember the entire beer commercial incident? I forget what superbowl it was, or which beer company, but remember when some random women’s groups cried foul because some women who -volunteered- to be part of a commercial where -men- are pretty much poking fun at men and the entire chauvinist mindset? Yea, the one where the dudes goes into some fantasy where fighting girlfriends strip down to bikinis and get pseudo-intimate in a pool/jacuzzi.

I’ve never once heard of a men’s rights group getting pissed off over any of the random poolboy commercials. Or any of the commercials where it’s a -dumb- guy with some retardedly chiseled body willing to wait on a woman hand and foot. Remember all the commercials where guys have been kicked out of their houses by their female counterparts? Yea, all that counter-chauvinistic bullshit.

You want to know -why- there’s been no cases named Stan vs. Poolboy Commercial ‘X’? Because men have a sense of humour. With most women, I emphasize most (particularly ‘modern’ woman), it’s all about some bullshit militant mindset. Us vs. Them.

But what’s always amused me most is when one group of women take it upon themselves to represent -every- female on the planet. “Rap videos are dirty. Rappers are just demoralizing women. It’s setting women’s rights back 60 years!”. Right…give me a fucking break. So a woman independent of the fucking bullshit propaganda wants to shake her ass and make (damn good) money for it. “It’s not a career, it’s a disgrace!”. Hell, I’ll be a disgrace for thousands of dollars a video (while I‘m in college), too. Shake my ass for ten hours a week to pay for a year and a half of my tuition? Hell yeah. And if shaking an ass on a camera is setting your rights back 60 years, then I think you need to re-examine how strong a foundation your rights were built on to begin with. You don’t hear people still bitching about bamboozled setting the African American Civil Rights Movement back decades.

And you’re probably all wondering, where the hell is he going with this? It’s a god damned rant. I don’t have to go anywhere with it. Not to mention, it’s an entry in a god damned journal, I’m just pointing out what I see and what annoys -me-. Don’t read it if you don’t like it. Which you should easily be able to tell if you do or not by the second paragraph. And just be happy I don’t get into my rant about women in the work place and the bullshit that happens there. Yea, I touched on it…but quickly left it alone.

So yea, fuck all of you closed-minded feminazi bints screaming equal rights and trying to step on our nuts. In case you god damned idiots hadn’t noticed, there’s a swell of support brewing amongst those with more testosterone than you for independent women. If there wasn’t in the first place, then you people wouldn’t have even existed. And I -will- go far enough to say that if there hadn’t been a swell of support for African American rights amongst level-headed Caucasians, then us Negroes would be in a lot more trouble than we’re in now.

Teque signing off. Bastards.

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